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這款自拍必備神器 Selfie LED Dimmable Clip Ring Lights 美拍光線微調 補光燈 在 Amazon 原價 $38, 特價 $12.88, 使用 coupon code 後,價錢最後變成 $9.02, 一共節省 $28.98(76% Off),所有手機都適合用!

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Selfie 自拍必備! LED Dimmable Clip Ring Lights 美拍光線微調 補光燈

  • ❤ General mobile phone clamp design: compatible with all kinds of different mobile phones or tablet on the market.
  • ❤ Select 4 files a brightness control: Rotation changes color, cold white, milky white light, amber light, meet the needs of the different scenarios, can adjust intensity model in stages, to re-building.
  • ❤ Ultra wide angle of lighting: Select 7 star quality lamp bead, in shooting range, tolerated shooting Angle, let you each photo are positive by light.
  • ❤ Wide-angle mode functions: Wide angle lens will stretch near the scenery, the feet, and when taken as far as possible to make a low shoot, more long legs can exaggerate the effect. And has special distortion effect, subduction 45 angle shot, will make the effect of thin face.
  • ❤ Microscopic highlights : Macro lens is a special lens photography used for micro distance, it is mainly used for very small objects, such as flower is roughly 3-5 cm X magnification, particular from close range.


購買連結: 按此


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