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Amazon 現在以特價 $16.98發售 KastKing Gallatin Polarized Sport Sunglasses偏光太陽眼鏡 (原價 $38.98), 用了 coupon code: EW3PVH7A(limited time) 後, 最後變成 $6.79, 節省 $32.19 (83% Off),十分抵買!

使用 Coupon code: EW3PVH7A (限時有效)

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KastKing Gallatin Polarized Sport Sunglasses 偏光太陽眼鏡 英文簡介

  • New! You will love superior quality KastKing Gallatin FeatherLite Sports Sunglasses – these sunglasses offer you the best eye protection with functional style and lightest (0.5 ounce/14 grams) weight. The half-ounce weight will make a huge difference for less fatigue after wearing sunglasses for a long time.
  • KastKing eyewear has renowned polarized lenses made in Italy providing 99% polarization efficiency that cut glare and block UV and HEV(High-Energy Visible) light delivering a superior visual experience and glare protection making them ideal sport sunglasses for fishing, running, cycling, hiking, driving and other sport activities.
  • KastKing Gallatin FeatherLite Sports Sunglasses featuring premium TR90 frames, so light and strong they are often called “plastic titanium,” surround PC (Polycarbonate) shatterproof lenses. All materials are anti-impact, flexible, and meet FDA 21CFR801.410 safety glass standards for impact protection. Best of all, every pair of KastKing Sunglasses includes a lifetime warranty.
  • KastKing Gallatin FeatherLite Eyewear polarized sports sunglass lenses have an incredible hydrophobic water shedding coating. You can wear KastKing Gallatin FeatherLite Eyewear sports sunglasses in the rain or spray and water will roll off your lenses and not block your sight! Choose polarized copper lenses for on the water or golf, yellow to enhance night vision and sharpen contrast, rose mirror for strong sunlight, or gray for all around use.
  • KastKing Eyewear Sports Sunglasses are the ultimate polarized eye protection sunglasses. Gallatin FeatherLite unbreakable TR90 frames have hypoallergenic food-grade silicone nose and ear pads to eliminate skin irritation and add comfort. The Polarized Sports Eyewear offers amazing light weight UV eye protection for outdoor recreation or work. Imprinted with KastKing, includes carry case and special lens cleaning cloth.

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日日係咁猛烈既陽光底下,要出街玩 Pokemon Go 四週圍捉精靈,又點少得一副又靚,又實用既 Sun Glasses。市面上太陽眼鏡良莠不齊,價格也有天壤之別,有顏色的鏡片就能擋住陽光嗎?其實,劣質的鏡片會讓配戴者瞳孔放大,反而會讓眼球吸收更多的紫外線!


COACH 太陽眼鏡推介


今次就推介美國 Coach 太陽眼鏡,有Polarized,non-Polarized,漸變色等多個選擇。上網網購既價錢平過去附近 88 差不多2百至3百,仲包送到公司或者屋企!

Coach Sunglasses HC 8001 HAVANA 5052/13 HC8001

現在只售 HK Price$ 615.5 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach HC8016 L008 Ciara Sunglasses 503313 Dark Tortoise Brown Gradient 57 15 130

現在只售 HK Price$ 627.7 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Sunglasses HC 8001 5055/13 HAVANA EMMA

現在只售 HK Price$ 640.7 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Sunglasses – Kristina / Frame: Orange Lens: Orange Grey Gradient

現在只售 HK Price$ 648 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Sunglasses – Kristina / Frame: Gold Lens: Brown Gradient

HK Price$ 1198.8
現在只售 HK$ 672.9 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Sunglasses – Beatrice / Frame: Black Lens: Grey Gradient

現在只售 HK Price$ 695.9 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

COACH Women’s Kristina Dark Silver Pink Sunglasses

現在只售 HK Price$ 704.6 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Sunglasses – Natasha / Frame: Brown Lens: Brown Gradient

現在只售 HK Price$ 705.1 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Womens Alfie Sunglasses (HC8103) Tortoise/Brown Acetate – Non-Polarized – 55mm

現在只售 HK Price$ 726.7 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

Coach Womens Kristina Sunglasses (HC7003) Gold/Brown Metal – Polarized – 59mm

現在只售 HK Price$ 787.7 連運費

【即上 Amazon 購買】

上 Coach 網有參考價錢,發現大部份款式都超過 HK$1000,所以越黎越多人開始學上 Amazon 買!


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